Adresse: 28.Ezbet Alnakhal The West – Egypte

Tel: 02011021221

Services et Produits:

We would like to introduce our company « Spices Shepherd » to you.
It is a leading Egyptian company, specialized in export & import dried herbs, spices and seeds organic and nonorganic all over the world
We hope to make a good business with your esteemed company, we want to provide you with our products with suitable prices.
We want to introduce our product list

  • Fennel seeds Red chilies powder
  • Caraway seeds lemon leaves
  • Anise seeds Yellow dried lemon
  • Black cumin seeds Black dried lemon
  • Fenugreek seeds Bay laurel 
  • Flax seeds Chamomile flower 
  • Fennel crushed Chamomile powder
  • Basil crushed Fennel powder
  • Marjoram Coriander powder
  • Thyme Fenugreek powder
  • Rosemary Garlic fresh
  • Parsley nature dry Red onion fresh
  • Parsley machine dry Dill tips machine dry
  • Coriander machine dry Dill tips natural dry
  • Spearmint crushed Peppermint crushed
  • Sage leaves Hibiscus flower
  • Red chilies Hibiscus powder
  • Molokhiya crushed Hibiscus crushed
  • White beans White onion


e28.Ezbet Alnakhal The West - Egypte |28.Ezbet Alnakhal The West - Egypte

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